Private 1 on 1 training is now available in order to help you to boost your game.  1 on 1 sessions are usually 1 hour-long and tailored to suit your needs.  Here’s some examples of why  you might want private training!

Typical questions which can be answered with some additional 1 on 1 training.

  1. I’m really struggling with my guard, can you help me?
  2. I want to know more submissions, anything cool you can show me?
  3. I keep getting thrown off when I mount someone, how do I get a better base?
  4. When I go for the triangle, I can’t seem to get them to tap, can you show me what I’m doing wrong?
  5. When I get an armbar they seem to be able to pull their arm out! Why?
  6. How do I stop people passing my guard so easy!

The more you practise, the better you will become and Private tuition is perfect for accelerating your own learning.

Prices: instruction starts from £35 per hour & available at your gym/dojo or other matted location. A discount on block bookings and group sessions are available. £Please call contact us for further info.