Q. Do I need to be fit to start Jiu-jitsu?

No, absolutely not. You can be a complete novice but even the fittest people will gain fitness from learning Jiu-jitsu. Training for Ground fighting is a completely different world to traditional stand up martial arts. It takes time and dedication but the more hours you put in, the healthier you will become and more body fat you will shed. It’s a great combination of CV and bodyweight activity.

Q. What clothes do I wear?

Well, for your first lesson, dress how you would if you were going to the gym. Loose sports clothing, and not your favourite T-shirt, just in case it rips. You will notice that others in the class are wearing a GI/Kimono, don’t worry, you will be able to buy this after a few lessons.

Q. Do I need to train with a GI?

Yes. The GI is an essential piece of clothing for Jiu-jitsu because…

a. It allows you to spar without risk to your own clothing.

b. It acts as a form of coat inc. trousers, allowing you to practice chokes, throws and sweeps.

c. It’s traditional smart uniform and will look presentable when you start earning your belts & stripes.

Q. Can I buy a GI through Brazilian Jiu jitsu Basingstoke?

Yes. We are able to get a range of GI’s starting from about £60 – £150, depending on the make, colour and style. If you find a make online, let us know! Maybe we can get it for you a bit cheaper, we’ll try!?

Q. How many times a week should I train?

Naturally, the more you train, the quicker you’ll learn. We recommend a minimum of 2 sessions per week for BJJ for your development and to give you the opportunity to progress. Dedication and commitment is the key.

Q. How much is training?

We are currently charging £6 per hour for our 1 hour BJJ Basingstoke sessions.

Q. Do your instructors have insurance?

Yes. Every Brazilian Jiu jitsu Basingstoke Instructor has up to date public liability insurance.

Q. Can I get my own student-to-student insurance?

Yes. Ask us and we’ll get in touch with our insurance company to find out price detail and information regarding BJJ insurance for you.