BJJ Punch Defence with Armlock Finishes (Part 1)

BJJ Punch Defense with 2 finishes 

This is a demonstration of what to do when confronted with somebody aggressive looking like they’re going to throw the big swinging punch! Good job you know BJJ, isn’t it!

So the first thing we need to do in Brazilian Jiu jitsu (or BJJ if you don’t already know), is think about getting our hands up to our face somehow. To be honest, it really doesn’t matter how we do this exactly but try to make it look like natural behaviour (or as natural as possible without looking like a crazy person). We don’t want to look like we are in a fighting stance ready to attack with praying mantis kung fu our something or ever throw our arms up erratically, as this might provoke our attacker into swinging prematurely.

In this situation we’re gonna try to look like we’re touching our face or start rubbing hands together like they are cold or perhaps scratch your lip if it’s a hot day, as they might not actually be as thick as they look and will probably look random hell if it’s 30 degrees! When our hands ar up we need to make sure that were in line with where we suspect the punch maybe landing.. Usually it’s going to be aimed at the face. Taking this into consideration, we need to be aware of the distance and practice how to get in close quickly.

Anyway, our hands are up and it’s looking like he’s getting ready to go for the big one which might take our head off if we’re unlucky! We move forward quickly, shooting in for the punch arm, wrapping around the back of the tricep with our other hand hugging around the waist, keeping our ear tight to his chest. When we do this in BJJ, we need to make sure our elbow is tucked in and our head feels tight against their body. In this position it’s going to be very hard for them to be able to hit out properly as long as we stay in control.

We are now going to step in between his legs with our feet close together, bend our knees, drop our hip below his hip, creating leverage and making it possible to bring them up on top of us. Once lifted we are going to look over the shoulder away from them, taking them down to the ground. We basically let our opponent slide off our body. In the Video we demonstrate a couple of BJJ finishes…

Finish Number 1. Knee on Belly Arm Lock

  1. Keeping control of his arm we go to a knee on belly position, making sure our shin is right across his diaphragm and our toes wrap around the side of his rib cage.
  1. We take the hand closest to his legs and use it to grab hold of his shoulder, the other hand hugging his arm goes underneath and grabs hold of our own forearm.
  1. We make sure we are below his elbow for maximum leverage which allows us to drive our hips forward to apply the pressure. At the same time, make sure that your other leg is based out for stability.

Important Note: When practicing with a training partner make sure they tap before any pain is felt. BJJ submissions such as these are designed to hyperextend the joint and when applied with enough force will cause fracture or dislocations.

Finish number 2. Armbar Finish (on the ground)

  1. With good solid control we can go to the arm bar by releasing the arm and hugging it with our opposite one, keeping their elbow tight towards our chest.
  1. With our shin still lying across the diaphragm apply the pressure forward, and rock them slightly to make them turn to their side facing in the other direction.
  1. The leg which is closest to the head steps over the opponent’s head and we can then begin to sit backwards, pinching our legs together and finishing with the arm bar.
  1. We create pressure by making sure our hips are raised towards the ceiling and our opponent’s arm is tight against are chest. Make sure that their thumb is pointing up towards the ceiling.

Important Note: Again, when practicing with a training partner make sure they tap before any pain is felt.

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