When regularly training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you will significantly boost your fitness levels. In practice, you will engage in a series of conditioning, flexibility and strength exercises as part of your warm up and drills and gain a big improvement in your CV endurance. BJJ training has been designed to be progressive so that every individual increases their ability at their own speed. When training constantly you will notice a boost in muscle tone, a lower percentage of body fat, a greater level of energy, and a general feeling of better health.


Brazilian Jiu jitsu can be used as both self defence and sport but, even if you’re in it as a sport to compete, you will learn self defence. The Gracie’s developed the system to beat other martial arts in a street fight so,  not only will learn how to defend yourself in various situations, you’ll develop the confidence to get out of fight situations. You’ll learn how to avoid, evade, and escape from many physical confrontations and see how life saving BJJ can be.


BJJ get its popularity during the early years of the UFC when Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was dominating the other martial art styles and is very much a part of MMA today. Both Gi and No-Gi have their place so training properly in Brazilian Jiu jitsu will allow you to excel in any ground fighting and grappling sport and will be essential to improving your ground game in MMA.


Brazilian Jiu jitsu movements will improve your coordination. When learning grappling techniques, your body will adapt and recognize repetition. You will practice single movements and multiple combination’s, subsequently improving coordination through muscle memory. Once you climb the Jiu jitsu ladder, your mind and body will learn to do many movements without having to consciously think about it, allowing you to take control and dominate lower level students.